Roofing Systems

Bulgu Roofing Systems

Our company, founded in 1973 in Istanbul, has been giving service about bolt screws in the construction sector. Our product range includes roofing materials, accessories, fastening materials as well as wire products.

Our company, which believes in the need for continuous improvement and development of the product range in the present competitive market conditions, intends to reach more customers with our new products added to our product line with each passing day. Our business principles, such as our company reputation, quality production and customer satisfaction, have led us to create a wide variety of clients throughout Turkey.

Roof Access Windows

You can search our roof access windows products

Roof Tile Clips Hooks

Clip fixing is the most efficient method of preventing roof tiles from lifting, slipping and breaking in hurricane force winds.

Dry Ridge System

Dry Ridge System provides continuous ventilation along the length of the ridge for the removal of damp and moisture and offers an aesthetically pleasing view after application.

Roof Systems Water Insulation

Chimney- Wall Sealing Tape is used to flash two dissimilar surfaces where weather blocking is required.

Roof Systems Addition Accessories

When investigating roofing system, in addition to fixing, insulating, and ventilation, there are a number of components used in the system in order to ensure system integrity.